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Acerca de Miami

Cities don’t come more magical than Miami. Amazing beaches, beautiful architecture and the tropical weather are a winning combination. A diverse mix of Latin and European cultures create a melting pot of voices and flavors; you’re just as likely to hear people speaking Spanish Portuguese and French as you are English, Italian and German. Miami also has outstanding restaurants. The local cuisine is known as Floribbean for its blend of Latin and Caribbean flavors.

The sightseeing, water activities, and Everglades National parks delight families and adventurers, and the world famous art district draws an international crowd. Miami may still be Florida, but the experience is like no other city in the state.

Qué comer
Empanada, sandwich cubano, Palomilla Steak, Arroz con pollo, paella, Cevice, plátanos

Qué Tomar
Café cubano, mojitos, caipirinhas, sangría